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Присоединитесь к нашему сообществу     

Now in its third decade, UJA-Federation of New York’s Russian Division is one of the best ways to connect to the Russian-speaking Jewish community and help ensure a strong Jewish future. Our rich history and passion for a brighter future have been driving forces behind our success.

Be part of a proud, tight-knit community of like-minded individuals building a stronger community together. Share in the numerous opportunities to express your Jewish values, care for those in need, and connect with the people of Israel.

Volunteer and give back to the community. Join us at inspiring, informative, and fun events.

Russian Division Chair Elena Kliss and our Executive Committee will motivate and inspire you to strengthen your connection with our community — here in New York, in Israel, and around the world.

For those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, join our Russian Leadership.

The Russian Division was formed in 1989 — the first time the Russian-speaking Jewish community of New York officially “gave back” to UJA-Federation.

In 1996, the Young Russian Division — named Russian Leadership in 1998 — was first formed.

Russian Division Executive Committee

Elena Kliss

Diana Alperovich
Jennie Bronstein
Ann Budker
Lena Feldmus
Feliks Frenkel
Sofia Garber
Anna Kaplan
Ark Katselnik
Rita Katselnik
Igor Kharkovsky
Dina Kislin
Ludmila Kislin
Joseph Kleynerman
Lana Kleynerman
Artur Korytny
Bella Korytny
Marina Kovalyov
Galina Pincow
Svetlana Reznick
Yeva Rintel
Sophie Sabo
Rita Schmidt
Mila Superfin
Polina Targonskaya
Lawrence Wajnberg
Bella Zelkin

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Contact Marina Dayneko at 212.836.1706 or .

Russian Divison Events
There are currently no upcoming events.