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Jewish Community

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Being part of a Jewish community means thinking globally and living locally. By reaching out to the people around you, you give and get back a caring connection.

An inspired Jewish life takes place in many ways, but an important source of Jewish learning and experience can be found in synagogues making innovations to embrace congregations, and Jewish community centers.

From prenatal classes to senior programs, Jewish community centers supported by UJA-Federation offer individuals and families at every stage of life a variety of ways to learn about Jewish values, heritage, and culture.

The Challenge of Jewish Community

  • Ensuring the strength of more than 500 synagogues in the greater New York area. 
  • Our community is constantly changing and reflects a diverse group including Jews who are Hebrew-speaking, Russian-speaking, Bukharian, Sephardic, and LGBT.
  • Building connections between Jewish communities in different countries is needed to develop real relations in a virtual world.

UJA-Federation’s Response

In just the last year, our collective impact helped provide:

  • Resources for synagogue clergy, lay leaders, and professional staff to develop leadership skills to benefit their synagogue communities.
  • Research, survey, focus groups, and community conversations to respond to the needs of our pluralistic community.
  • Global Jewish Connections Initiatives that helped more than 3,000 teens and adults at  Jewish community centers from New York, Israel, Argentina, Europe, and the former Soviet Union meet and learn from each other. 
  • Everything from social services to ballet lessons and bar or bat mitzvah classes to residents in the greater New York area at 24 local Jewish community centers.

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