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Strengthen Our Global Community

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At UJA-Federation, we welcome the active participation of interfaith couples and families and people of all abilities, backgrounds and sexual orientations as part of our diverse community — connecting everyone to the richness of Jewish life and philanthropy.


We believe all Jews share a fundamental connection — that’s what we call Jewish peoplehood. And it’s this core belief that underpins our efforts to strengthen our global community.

UJA-Federation is committed to fostering unity among Jews, regardless of borders — geographic, religious, or ethnic.

We forge strong bonds and new relationships among the Jewish people globally, with an emphasis on American–Israeli relations. And we help build integrated Jewish communities that see themselves as part of the Jewish people. We help Jews connect to a strong, vibrant, democratic Israel. And we build ties among Jewish communities in New York, in Israel, and beyond to strengthen our global community.

Through our network of agencies, we help Jews emigrate from countries in which they’re victims of prejudice or a lack of economic opportunity and successfully integrate into new societies.

We work to empower vulnerable populations and build civil society in Israel. Connect diverse members of the New York Jewish community. And create worldwide Jewish connections among geographically dispersed Jewish communities.

This is how we express our core Jewish value: kol Yisrael areivim zeh bazeh, all Jews are responsible for one another. It’s how we strengthen our global community.