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Israeli Society

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UJA-Federation of New York is dedicated to meeting the challenges faced by Israeli society today. We work to strengthen Israeli society, and reinforce Israel as a vibrant and democratic Jewish state.

One way we support Israeli society is through the inclusion and integration of vulnerable and marginalized populations including Ethiopian Jews, and Haredi Jews, who face major challenges in their efforts to enter into mainstream Israeli society and employment.

We work to build bridges between diverse segments of Israeli society, and strengthening the sense of collective identity. Through our efforts to ensure Israel’s future as a pluralist country, we work to strengthen the civil society of Israel for Jews of all ethnicities and practices.

The Challenges Facing Israeli Society

  • The Ethiopian community is now facing further challenges in integrating into Israeli society through higher education, high-level army placement, and appropriate employment opportunities.

  • There is a need to create systemic change within the Haredi population by expanding the interaction and integration of Haredim into broader Israeli society, aiming to integrate Haredim into mainstream employment. Supporting IDF service is also a priority.

  • Jerusalem faces many challenges, including young people moving away from the city, and there is a need to help create a Jerusalem that is a vibrant and pluralist city for all Israelis.

  • The issues of divisiveness in Israeli and the role of Judaism in Israel point to a fraying of the fabric of Israeli society, and there is a need to reinforce unifying forces.

  • There is a need to enhance the Israeli education system, understanding that a sound education equips young people with the intellectual and social skills to be contributing members of society. 

UJA-Federation’s Response

We provide essential support to organizations throughout Israel to strengthen and support a vibrant Israeli society.

Last year, UJA-Federation helped provide:

  • More than 900 Ethiopian Israeli graduates with employment in professional environments on the forefront of Israeli business and industry.
  • A new model now being replicated by all state funded universities in Israel to help Ethiopian-Israelis, and Arab-Israelis access the most prestigious higher education opportunities within Israel.
  • An program that is fostering a rebirth of young energy in Jerusalem, through our initiative for young adults and students that has resulted in over 2,300 interns, 350 members of young communities, and more than 60,000 people in yearly events. 
  • Grassroots efforts that have resulted in 30 NGO partnerships, and the dissemination of ”citizenship” messages on a national level and municipal development.
  • The opportunity for 1,800 Haredi men to enter army service as a means of integrating into Israeli society while learning skills for gainful employment, with the help of career counselors and the creation of Haredi-friendly jobs to be filled by graduates, through Sachar, since 2007.

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