While vaccines are cause for some much-needed optimism, it’s clear that the economic fallout of the pandemic continues to devastate lives. Our focus is on food distribution to help pantries meet rising demand. Workforce development programs that can get the newly unemployed back to stability. Mental health support to help those suffering from the effects of isolation, fear, anxiety, food insecurity, substance abuse, domestic abuse, and more. Support for Jewish institutions that are the anchors of Jewish life.

Most recently, the staggering number of cases in India spurred us to respond by providing funds for medical equipment, food, and other critical support in especially vulnerable communities in India.

Other recent allocations closer to home provide food distribution to hungry New Yorkers, including home delivery of food packages to Holocaust survivors, and advocacy efforts focused on vaccine access. We’re helping the most vulnerable, including the frail elderly and Holocaust survivors, secure appointments. We’re also helping them get transportation to and from vaccine sites. On another front, we’re responding to reports that 42% of New Yorkers are vaccine hesitant, by providing education and outreach.

This may be a challenge unlike any we’ve faced before, but UJA was built for this moment. We’re working around the clock with our diverse and interconnected network to help all those counting on us.

Read A Year of Covid: UJA-Federation Twelve-Month Report. The report details how we've allocated tens of millions of dollars in emergency funding, over and above what we allocate annually, to meet needs across the New York region and Israel.

From February to May 2021, UJA conducted an examination of the economic and social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the New York Jewish community. The study provides a snapshot of life during the pandemic in 2021. Explore our Covid-19 Impact Study.

Earlier emergency allocations have supported:

We also know that this is a crisis that has hit painfully close to home for so many of us. For anyone who is coping with illness or loss, our hearts go out to you.

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Please continue to check in. We will keep this page updated as information becomes available.


As New York opens back up, your gift will enable UJA to continue to stand on the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis and help get our community back on its feet. Help us serve those who are counting on us most right now.