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Frequently Asked Questions about SLDP

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Q: How can I apply for a consultancy for my synagogue?

A: Complete and submit the appropriate application by the deadline, preferably as a team. Once you are accepted, we will notify you of the next steps to begin the process of working with a consultant. Applications for each consultancy are available to the right.

Q: What is the time commitment for a consulting program?

A: The time commitment varies by project. For example, synagogues can participate in a short-term consultancy, for approximately 40 hours over two- to six-months, or a yearlong project, comprising three two-hour sessions.

Q: Is a synagogue located Connecticut or New Jersey eligible for a consultation?

A: Unfortunately, eligible synagogues must be located within New York City, Long Island, or Westchester. Webinars and workshops are open to anyone.

Q: I’d like to volunteer as a synagogue consultant, but my expertise lies beyond marketing, fund development, or volunteer engagement. Can I still volunteer?

A: Currently, our consultancies are limited to these three areas; however, these areas may be expanded in the future. Contact Gayle Bloom at 1.212.584.3346 or to be considered for future opportunities.

Q: As a volunteer consultant, can I request to be paired within my own denominational affiliation?

A: Yes. When matching consultants to synagogues, we take many criteria into account, including geography, denominational affiliation, needs of the congregation, and specific skills of the consultant. It is important that both the synagogue and consultant be comfortable with the situation they are entering into.