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Travel with UJA-Federation of New York to experience the hospitality of people who share our values and traditions.  Learn more about upcoming trips.

Travel to Israel

Our trips to Israel are full of sightseeing — and insights. Gain an insider’s perspective by meeting Israel's high-level government officials, military analysts, and leading economists. Visit major attractions such as the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall or the Palmach Museum in Tel Aviv. Or participate in a life-changing Israel program with the assistance of our Israel scholarships.  You can also travel to Israel through Taglit-Birthright with other emerging leaders. UJA-Federation hosted a mission of 200 people for the William Rosenwald Mission Celebrating Israel’s 65th Anniversary. Learn more about upcoming trips.

Travel the World

UJA-Federation coordinates travel programs to the following destinations around the world for participants to see ways in which donation dollars are spent. Learn more about upcoming trips.

  • Argentina — Tango your way through the sizzling streets of Buenos Aires. Visit the famous Teatro Colón opera house, cross the widest avenue in Latin America, and immerse yourself in South America’s most cosmopolitan capital city. Meet individuals and families who benefit from your support. And more.
  • Cuba— Learn how we're helping elderly Jews in impoverished rural areas. Visit Cuban synagogues that survived for more than 40 years when religion was banned. And more.
  • Morocco — Walk through the ancient gates of Marrakech, visit historic Jewish neighborhoods, and see our work in Casablanca.
  • Russia(St. Petersburg and Moscow) — Visit landmarks such as the Kremlin and Armory, the GUM, Catherine’s Summer Palace, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Chorale Synagogue, the Pushkin Holocaust Memorial, and the Hermitage. Take part in home visits to clients of UJA-Federation's beneficiary agencies.

Site Visits in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester

Site visits offer a unique opportunity for donors, lay leaders, honorees, and volunteers to see firsthand how our network of beneficiary agencies helps people in need throughout New York City, Long Island, and Westchester. Meet with agency clients and learn how UJA-Federation directly affects their lives. Join a discussion of executives and staff to learn how their particular agency is meeting the human-service needs and economic and healthcare challenges faced by their clients. Site visits involve a tour of one or more agencies, including a meeting with staff members, executives, and recipients of services, and a briefing about the agency’s inner workings and its relationship with UJA-Federation. For more information, contact Susan Defino, Domestic Missions Coordinator, at 212.836.1855 or

*UJA-Federation of New York reserves the right to limit participation based on eligibility requirements, space availability, and other criteria that it may, in its sole discretion, determine. In addition, UJA-Federation of New York reserves the right to terminate the participation of any mission participant whose behavior, in UJA-Federation’s sole discretion, is determined to be detrimental to the health, safety, or well-being of other participants or the organization. *

For More Information

Contact Ilana Frankel at 212.836.1761 or .