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Charity in New York

Charity in New York? UJA-Federation of New York offers so many opportunities for you to help your fellow New Yorkers.

In every borough in New York City, and throughout Long Island and Westchester, our network of nearly 100 beneficiary agencies and all economic levels.

If you’re interested in charity in New York, you and UJA-Federation can accomplish so much together.

  • Strengthen a critical safety net for all New Yorkers.
  • Help anxious families find the right treatment for a child suffering from substance abuse, eating disorders, or depression.
  • Give concerned parents the support they need to raise a child with autism.
  • Alleviate the suffering of older adults facing poverty, illness, and other challenges.

By making an online donation to UJA-Federation — an important charity in New York — you can make a big impact, not only here at home but also in Israel and more than 70 other countries around the world.

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