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Want to make an even greater difference?

Here are just a few of the ways you and your family can experience the rewards of transforming one life — or an entire community.

Share Your Day: Celebrate with Impact

Looking forward to a birthday, anniversary, or other important milestone? Participating in a race or other sporting event? Ask your family and friends to celebrate your special day or support your efforts by donating to UJA-Federation of New York’s Annual Campaign — and make every day better for the people you help. Start immediately by creating your own personal fundraising page.

Spread the Joy of a Mitzvah or Milestone

Make any occasion more meaningful. Speak with a UJA-Federation mitzvah coordinator to create a custom philanthropic mitzvah project that celebrates your special event by giving other families a chance for a better life. It’s a great way to share the happiness of your birthday, anniversary, or other important milestone. And, it is especially gratifying to memorialize a loved one by helping others. A minimum gift of $10,000 is required to participate in this program.

Give a Mitzvah – Do a Mitzvah

If your son or daughter is celebrating a bar or bat mitzvah, we can help your child experience the true meaning of becoming an adult in the Jewish community. Our Give a Mitzvah - Do a Mitvah program offers a meaningful way for bar- and bat-mitzvah aged kids to embrace their heritage. Our mitzvah coordinator will work with you and your family to select the perfect project for your child. All of the kids who participate can contribute their time, energy, and a portion (or all) of their gifts to the causes they care deeply about. Each participant is required to donate a minimum of $1,800 toward the selected project.

Join Our Race Teams to Live Well and Give Well

Run, bike, swim, or do all three when you join the UJA-Federation and Sports for Youth Team. Every stride, pedal, and stroke you take affirms the healing effect of sports on youngsters by enabling children of all ethnic and religious backgrounds to enjoy sports. Join our team for the New York City Half-Marathon, the TD Five Boro Bike Tour, the New York City Triathlon, or the ING New York City Marathon. This is a great way to take care of your health and of people in need at the same time. To participate in a race there is a minimum fundraising amount required.

Teen Philanthropic Leadership Council

Want your teen to learn important leadership skills, while making the world a better place? Teens in ninth and tenth grades share their common concerns as members of the Teen Philanthropic Leadership Council. They come together to learn about philanthropy, the grant-making process, and our communal responsibility to the Jewish people. The funds they raise benefit individuals and families served by our network of agencies.