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Donation in Honor

Make a donation in honor of a friend or relative and let them know how much you care with a UJA-Federation tribute card.

Whether for Jewish holidays or to commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding or bar mitzvah, UJA-Federation’s variety of cards are a great way to make a donation in honor of someone special while making a difference in the community.

Tribute cards are available as e-cards or print cards. Each card features a meaningful quote from Jewish tradition and is personalized with the name of the recipient and the giver.

By making a donation in honor of someone, you show you care while paying special tribute to a loved one by helping someone in need. And, you’ll appreciate knowing that your gift will mean so much for so many.

Besides making a donation in honor of someone, there are many other ways to give to UJA-Federation and engage in charity in New York, Israel, and around the world. Learn how to donate and give back to your community.