UJA-Federation of New York

Good together.

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Executive Committee

  • President
    Alisa R. Doctoroff
  • Chair of the Board
    Linda Mirels
  • General Chair
    2014 Campaign

    Jeffrey M. Stern
  • Campaign Chairs
    Wayne K. Goldstein
    Cindy R. Golub
  • Commission Chairs
    Alisa F. Levin
    Sara E. Nathan
    Jeffrey A. Schoenfeld
    Fredric W. Yerman
  • Treasurer
    John A Herrmann, Jr.
  • Executive Committee At Large
    Amy A.B. Bressman
    Michael Olshan
    Marcia Riklis
    David A. Sterling
    Pamela P. Wexler
  • Special Advisor to the President
    David Valger*
  • Secretary
    Ellen R. Zimmerman*

*Non-voting Member