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Mitzvah Project

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Are you getting ready to celebrate your bar or bat mitzvah? The Give a Mitzvah – Do a Mitzvah program creates a unique and individualized project to commemorate your becoming a bar or bat mitzvah. To participate, you contribute your time, energy, and generosity to your own specially designed mitzvah project.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to developing your mitzvah project. You’ll start by focusing on your own interests and hobbies, and then get together with a mitzvah coordinator at UJA-Federation and brainstorm about how you can truly make a difference. You can design a project to be carried out in New York, Israel, the former Soviet Union, or any number of other locations around the world — wherever your imagination takes you.


  1. Meet with a mitzvah coordinator to learn all about Give a Mitzvah – Do a Mitzvah and the various hands-on volunteer opportunities available with the nearly 100 agencies in UJA-Federation’s network.
  2. Create a volunteer project based on your schedule (weekly, monthly, or just one time) that’s in line with your passions, interests, and hobbies.
  3. Start volunteering!


  1. We’ll help you create a webpage where your friends and family can learn about your project and make donations online.
  2. Put an insert in your bar or bat mitzvah invitation with information about your project and instructions on how to send donations in your honor to UJA-Federation.
  3. Collect gifts at your bar or bat mitzvah, decide how much you want to allocate to your project, and then send one check to UJA-Federation.

There’s a minimum donation of $1,800 to create a Give a Mitzvah – Do a Mitzvah project, and 100 percent of the money you contribute will be distributed by UJA-Federation to fund the program or project you choose.

Still not sure? Here are some examples of cool projects that other kids have done:

Zoe, whose passion is cooking …
… prepared and served food at a kosher soup kitchen
… helped restore a kitchen at a residential center for at-risk youth
Zack, who loves sports …
… taught children to swim at his community center
… donated a new diving board to a Jewish summer camp

Rebecca, who loves music …
… visited the elderly and played piano at a residential senior center
… contributed money to buy musical instruments for a Jewish community center

For More Information

Contact Nicole Fleishman at 212.836.1460 or .

In Westchester, contact Donna Divon at 914.761.5100 ext. 130 or .

In Long Island, contact Orna Sheena at 516.677.1832 or .