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How to Volunteer

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If you’re wondering how to volunteer, UJA-Federation of New York offers great opportunities for you to make a difference.

You can serve a meal to the homeless, become a leader in our community, or work as a pro-bono consultant at one of our beneficiary agencies. You can volunteer alone or with your entire family.

How to volunteer? It’s easy.

  • Hands-On Projects. Select a project that reflects your interests and fits into your busy schedule. And, bring your children along. You can plant a garden at a geriatric center, deliver food packages to the hungry, tutor a troubled teen, and so on. There are many ways how to volunteer!
  • Pro Bono Consulting. Help a beneficiary agency operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Agency professionals will value your time and expertise, as you work on challenging projects. Opportunities are available in all fields: marketing, advertising, finance, fundraising, management.
  • Leadership Opportunities.  Make important decisions that will affect the future of our community. Find out how you can participate on an agency board, or on a committee or task force at UJA-Federation.
  • Give a Mitzvah – Do a Mitzvah Program. Teach your children how to volunteer and about the importance of charity, as they prepare for their bar or bat mitzvah. Through this program, they can donate their time, energy, and a portion (or all) of their gifts to their own special project.