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Grants and Allocations

About Our Grants

UJA-Federation of New York selects grant recipients from among the many not-for-profit organizations that embody our mission.

Grants and allocations are how UJA-Federation of New York translates its mission into impact. For 2014 – 2015, UJA-Federation approved $135 million in funding, contributing to the vitality of Jewish life in New York, in Israel, and around the world. Recipients of our grants and allocations include nearly 100 human-service, relief, educational, and community-building agencies that comprise UJA-Federation's network and other organizations that include a wide range of independent Jewish institutions and emerging Jewish organizations.

Grants and allocations fall into two categories, each important to actualizing our goals: 1) targeted funding based on strategic priorities and communal need, and 2) core operating support or unrestricted funding for network agencies.

Our funding enables these institutions to deliver services and invest in their ability to achieve a high level of success.

Reports of strategic directions and grants are published annually.

Learn about our grantmaking process.

2014 – 2015