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Healthcare Events
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Tuesday, October 28
7:00 p.m.
Russian Division 2015 Campaign Kickoff

Join UJA-Federation of New York’s Healthcare Division.

  • Expand your professional commitment to saving lives by supporting critical human services.
  • Connect to like-minded healthcare professionals.
  • Enjoy philanthropic events and special programs.
  • Hear about the issues and challenges facing our community.
  • Learn about UJA-Federation’s work locally and overseas.
  • Climb the leadership ladder by serving on a committee or task force.

Participate in a Recognition Program

The Maimonides Society recognizes the exceptional generosity of healthcare professionals who contribute $1,000 or more to UJA-Federation’s annual campaign.

The Mortimer J. Blumenthal Memorial Award, presented at our annual Mental Health Professionals Reception, is awarded to an outstanding mental-health professional and philanthropic leader who exemplifies the extraordinary dedication and compassion of the late Dr. Mortimer J. Blumenthal.

Healthcare Division Chair
Frank Moore, M.D.