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Inspire Jewish Life

Inspire Jewish Life

Whether it is through Jewish summer camps, Jewish day schools, or other programs, a major part of UJA-Federation of New York’s mission is to inspire Jewish life.

People come to Judaism in different ways, so we support a range of initiatives in Jewish education. From arts and cultural programs to new models of family and synagogue engagement, we’re creating a community that’s welcoming and vibrant for all, regardless of religious background or affiliation. We initiate programs that help inspire Jewish life and respond to each individual’s search for meaning, connection, and community.

We know how important a Jewish education is to forging identity. That’s why we help strengthen Jewish educational settings, formal and informal, for children, adults, educators, and professionals. And we make possible a variety of scholarships for day schools, summer camps, and travel to Israel.

Together with our network of agencies, we fund and nurture innovative programs that provide access to an array of Jewish experiences. And we open doorways to Jewish connection for people of all ages.

In this way, we’re helping to ensure a vibrant and vital Jewish future.