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The Jewish Community Study of New York: 2011 is a rich source of data that can be mined to deepen our understanding about specific populations and issues.

This page will be home to numerous in-depth reports, special studies, and sets of PowerPoint slides that delve more deeply into topics touched on in the Comprehensive Report and Geographic Profile. Using data from the Jewish Community Study of New York: 2011’s nearly 6,000 interviews — the largest dataset from any local or national Jewish community study — these documents will present summaries and comprehensive analysis on a variety of topics, from poverty to aging, the changing nature of Jewish engagement to intermarriage, the Russian-speaking Jewish population to diversity among Orthodox Jews. As such materials are produced by UJA-Federation they will be made available here.

Special Report on Poverty (PDF)
Social characteristics associated with Jewish poverty, Jewish groups in poverty, the use of public benefit programs and human services by the Jewish poor, as well as how the character of Jewish poverty differs by area. Updates and corrections as of July 31, 2013, are incorporated into this PDF and the executive summary PDF.

Executive Summary: Special Report on Poverty (PDF)
Highlights of key findings and their policy implications.

Special Study on Partly Jewish Jews (PDF)
Comparison of "partly Jewish" respondents (those who self-identify as "partially Jewish" or who identify as Jewish but say their religion is other than Judaism) with "fully Jewish" respondents (those who consider themselves Jewish without qualification and see their religion as either Judaism or none). Includes information on social characteristics, Jewish backgrounds, and current Jewish engagement.