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Good together.


Jewish Holidays

Jewish holidays are at the heart of our community, giving individuals and families the chance to come together to celebrate and enjoy our traditions.

UJA-Federation of New York provides resources for many of the Jewish holidays. Whether it's helping to find a seat at High Holiday services or Passover seders, UJA-Federation provides the resources and information for you to celebrate the Jewish holidays and enjoy our shared traditions. And you can also help enrich Jewish holidays for people in need by making a donation.

Here is a more complete listing of UJA-Federation resources and programs for the Jewish holidays:

For specific date information on a Jewish holiday, please see My Jewish Learning’s calendar of Jewish holidays.

With your support and our network of agencies together, Jewish holidays thrive and become meaningful. By nurturing Jewish identity and renewal programs and providing numerous options for how to volunteer in your community, you and UJA-Federation help Jewish holidays come alive for people of all ages. You and UJA-Federation. Good together.