UJA-Federation of New York

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Managing Director

Job Location:
New York, New York
Jewish Communal Network Commission

Position Summary

The Jewish Communal Network Commission (JCNC) has oversight of UJA-Federation’s relationship with and core operating grants to the network of agencies. The primary responsibility of JCNC is to assess the capacity, accomplishments, and challenges of our network of agencies in actualizing our mission and communal priorities. The managing director of JCNC provides leadership, oversight, and management of the department.


The managing director of JCNC is a member of the senior management group and the senior planning group. To be successful, he or she must be able to work effectively with UJA-Federation’s senior leadership, both volunteer and professional.


Major Responsibilities



1.      Oversee the funding of $34,807,000 in grants to our network of agencies. JCNC is responsible for allocating 25 percent of the total dollars we distribute nationally.


2.      Involve a cadre of lay leaders to address policy issues related to the commission’s work.


3.      Provide overall leadership to the commission staff in relation to their responsibilities, which include the Management Assistance Program, J-1-1 Information and Referral Center, and Organizational Reviews.


4.      Work collaboratively with the mission-based commissions to maximize our investment and ability to respond to communal priorities.


5.      Provide leadership and direction for staff, including assigning and monitoring work, hiring, training and evaluating, providing performance feedback, and motivating staff.


6.      Oversee committee and task force structures within JCNC, managing staff and supporting the committees in successfully achieving goals and objectives.


7.      Maintain direct relationships with executives and staff of beneficiary agencies, providing consultation and guidance.


8.      Prepare, administer, and monitor departmental administrative budget.


9.      Maintain relationships with national and international agencies by staffing and supporting the lay committee of the National and International Task Force.


10.  Work closely with the senior managers in Government Relations, Volunteer Leadership and Development Department, mission-based commissions, SYNERGY, Commission of Management and Budget Office, and Educational Resources and Organizational Development Department.


11.  Represent UJA-Federation at a variety of organizations and campaign and community functions throughout the year, and support the work of Financial Resource Development through the agency network.


12.  Mentor new executives, providing them with an understanding of the strength of our network and the importance of agency partnerships.






1.                  Knowledge of the Jewish communal field and UJA-Federation’s network of agencies.

2.                  Skills in the areas of human-service administration, management, and lay leadership development.

3.                  Demonstrated competence to coordinate strategic planning and implement new initiatives.

4.                  Superior writing, verbal communication, negotiation, and facilitation skills.

5.                  Effective interpersonal skills are critical, as is a sense of humor.

6.                  Ability to build trust and resolve conflict.

7.                  Collaborative working style.





  •   Minimum 15 years of related experience in the nonprofit sector.
  •  Progressive responsible positions, including the supervision of professional staff.
  •  Experience in lay committee structure and process.
  •   Master’s degree preferred.