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Making a Seder

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Illustration: Michael J. LoSardo

The guests are invited. The menu is planned. You've begun ridding your home of chametz.

But something is missing.

Maybe you're looking for some new readings for your Passover table, or an explanation of why maror and charoset are included on the seder plate. Or your youngest child, who's responsible for the four questions this year, is nervous and wants to hear how they sound before the big night.

Allow our collection of Passover resources, created with help from the Jewish Federations of North America, to guide your celebration. In addition to seder materials, we've included some videos to keep kids entertained, as well as articles that address the tough questions that come up during holidays.

Chag Pesach sameach!

Seder Materials 

Basic Passover Haggadah (PDF)
This easy-to-follow guide breaks down the different parts of the seder and includes blessings in Hebrew and English.

Egalitarian Haggadah (PDF)
A conversational take on the traditional seder. It's like the rabbi is sitting at the table with you, guiding you through the service. Prayers are included in English and Hebrew.

The Velveteen Rabbi's Haggadah for Pesach (PDF)
This Haggadah blends prayers in English and Hebrew with stories and poems about the meaning of Passover and its traditions.

Create Your Own (Free) Personal Haggadah (PDF)
Do you have lots of Passover traditions but nowhere to record them? Then this Haggadah is for you! Simply find the Haggadah that meets your specific interests. Also included is a series of Passover prayers chanted and a songbook.

Haggadah Songs (streaming audio)
Sung in Hebrew by an Israeli rebbe, this collection of songs is appropriate for a family looking for a traditional rendition of prayers to play during their seder.

Traditional Passover Holiday Songs (streaming audio)
These seven songs, sung in Hebrew, guide families through the seder and complement whatever Haggadah you choose.

The Seder Meal

Gourmet Passover Recipes
Cooking for a seder is exhausting, no matter how many people are coming. This collection of basic recipes is a suitable starting point for the seder meal.

"Si, Esther, Mexican Works for Passover Menus, Too"
Chef Julian Medina was inspired to create kosher-for-Passover Mexican dishes after marrying a Jewish woman. Here, he shares his recipes with families looking to add a little spice to their seder.

After the Seder

The Passover Seder Symbols Song (YouTube)
A song to explain all those things cluttered on the seder plate.

20 Things to Do With Matzah (YouTube)
Ever wondered what to do with leftover matzah? Singer-songwriter Michelle Citrin offers some solutions to this quandary.

Passover Videos for Kids
Parents looking to teach their children the story of Passover will find this collection of videos a useful tool.

The Passover Bookshelf

"Being the Stranger at a Strange Seder"
Jewish tradition dictates that people should reach out to those in need. Using his own experiences as examples, author Mark I. Rosen emphasizes the importance of being inclusive during Passover and offers guidelines on how to do so.

"The Seder Plates That Tripped Me"
Author JoAnn Abraham highlights the importance of community during Passover, citing a seder plate found in a Muslim market in Morocco as a symbol that people of the same background must find each other in times of need.

"Facing a Lonely Passover"
The loss of a loved one is especially hard to deal with during the holidays. This article offers steps to take during Passover to comfort those in mourning.