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Russian Leadership

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Help shape tomorrow with our Russian Leadership Division, a group of caring Russian Jewish professionals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Created to unite and strengthen the community while giving back to help others in need, the Russian Leadership Division offers innovative programming, exclusive events, and rewarding volunteer opportunities.

We keep people like you informed on issues affecting the entire Jewish community here in New York, in Israel, in the former Soviet Union, and around the world.

Get Involved and Give Back

Join us and find out who's taking their success to the next level and giving back to the Jewish community. Getting involved is easy and guaranteed to be a rewarding experience.

  • Meet some of the most accomplished professionals and leaders within the Russian Jewish community who are proud to be involved with UJA-Federation of New York.
  • Join a diverse group of aid recipients turned philanthropists, who recognize the need and importance of helping those in our community who are less fortunate.
  • Influence our community to create programming targeted to our needs and interests.
  • Attend events throughout the year, including cocktail receptions, Jewish learning events, cultural programming, and volunteer opportunities.

Young Russian Leadership Committee

Amir Bronstein & Ilona Melyokhin

Vice Chair
Mark Kozhin

  • Eugene Braude
  • Rebecca Buyanovsky
  • Boris Chernyy
  • Vadim Daynovsky
  • Victorine Deych
  • Ed Geyman
  • Sandy Geyman
  • Eric Golynsky
  • Michael Gorn
  • Tanya Gurovich
  • Sivan Hadari
  • Benjamin Ifraimov
  • Jenny Kapelyan
  • Dennis Khutoretsky
  • David Kislin
  • Lana Kislin
  • Mark Kozhin
  • Fiona Kuchina
  • Artem Lesin
  • Jacqueline Markoff
  • Anna Melamud
  • Ilona Melyokhin
  • Lana Monastyrsky
  • Tony Nektalov
  • Yana Pechersky
  • Karina Plotko
  • Gene Rachmansky
  • Irina Roller
  • Anna Schneur
  • Natalie Shkolnik
  • Eugene Shkolnikov
  • Irina Yudovich
  • Michael Zurakhinsky