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The Flame: Fall 2012

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Highlights: Jewish New York Today

Jewish New York Today
Learn more about the Jewish Community Study of New York: 2011.

Unique New York
Find out what sets the New York Jewish community apart.

Study Highlights
Get the facts about the current New York Jewish population.

Jewish 20-Somethings
Find out how Moishe House is reaching out to young Jewish adults in New York.

Teen Philanthropy
Discover how a new program has teens raising funds for children and adults in need.

Good Neighbor Award
See why Catholic Charities gave UJA-Federation of New York the Good Neighbor Award.

Ethiopian Israelis
Find out how Ethiopian Israelis are preparing for high-tech careers.

Mitzvah Project
See how one girl’s bat mitzvah knitting project brings comfort to Israeli girls living near the Gaza border.

Israel and Boomers
Learn how a Birthright Israel for Boomers trip connected adults to their Jewish heritage.

Israeli Artists
Discover how a dynamic program is changing what it means to be a serious Israeli artist today.