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Hurricane Sandy Response

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For nearly a century, UJA-Federation has responded to the challenges that face our people and our region. When Hurricane Sandy struck the New York area on October 29th, our hurricane response was swift and bold. We’ve made $10 million available to our network of agencies, synagogues, and day schools to provide cash assistance, temporary housing, food, and far more to the thousands of New Yorkers struggling in the aftermath of the storm. We also helped mobilized thousands of Hurricane Sandy volunteers to help in hurricane response efforts.

We fund a network of nearly 100 beneficiary agencies to help fulfill our mission of caring for our community and inspiring Jewish life, and these agencies have been on the front lines of our hurricane response.

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UJA-Federation has opened the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. Funds raised will be used to provide support to agencies and communities that have been impacted by the devastation. One hundred percent of the funds will be used for aid; no administrative costs will be applied.