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Mental Health GPS

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When you’re concerned about your child’s emotional well-being and aren’t sure where to turn, the Jewish community is here to help. Now there’s knowledgeable assistance for families navigating the mental-health system for their child or adolescent.

Guidance for Families

UJA-Federation of New York’s special initiative, Mental Health GPS (Guiding Parents through Services), provides access to compassionate, expert family resource specialists located at mental-health agencies throughout the New York area. Mental Health GPS family resource specialists help families navigate the mental-health system for their children, right up through college — from evaluation and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up.

This free service, provided through UJA-Federation beneficiary agencies, is designed to assist families who have concerns about their child or adolescent’s mental-health issues, including:

  • Behavioral or emotional problems at home or at school
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Substance abuse, eating disorders, or other self-destructive behaviors
  • Extensive bullying occurrences
  • Peer isolation

Family Resource Specialists Can Help Lead the Way

Mental Health GPS helps direct families toward the best course of comprehensive services in such areas as community programs, public and private health practitioners, mentoring and school-based programs, and hospital-based support.

A family resource specialist will personally guide you and your family on the right path, and serve as an advocate and supportive voice during the family’s journey through the mental-health system and related support services.

With Mental Health GPS, You’ll Never Feel Alone

Agency family resource specialists guide parents through the process of obtaining mental- and emotional-health services for their children.

  • Researching available resources
  • Developing a personalized plan for your child and facilitating communication among care providers
  • Providing referrals to specialists, treatment settings, and family support
  • Informing you of your rights as a parent on this journey

Mental Health GPS is here for you.

For More Information

For further information, connect with a Mental Health GPS family resources specialist.

Call UJA-Federation of New York's J•1•1 Information and Referral Center: 877.UJA.NYJ11 (877.852.6951)

Brenda Haas, LMSW, Ed.M
Westchester Jewish Community Services
914.761.0600 ext. 318

Karin Spitzer, LMSW
Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services

Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx
Meredith Levine, LMSW
Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services