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The constant struggle to make ends meet is a devastating reality for too many New Yorkers and Jews worldwide. UJA-Federation is helping impoverished individuals and families reclaim their lives. You enable us to extend a hand both to those who have fallen on hard times due to the economic recession, as well as populations of older adults, immigrants, and others affected by chronic poverty.

The Challenge

  • More than 1.7 million people in New York City live in poverty.
  • Close to 507,000 people in Jewish households in the eight-county New York area are classified as “poor” or “near poor.”
  • Many middle- and upper-income New Yorkers have experienced job loss and lost their homes and savings as a result of the financial crisis.
  • Almost 25 percent of Israel's population — 1.8 million people — are living in poverty. 
  • 160,000 older adults in the former Soviet Union are barely surviving on meager pensions.

UJA-Federation's Response

We provide vital support to our network of agencies and grantees on the front lines of poverty-relief efforts.

Last year, our network provided assistance to people living in poverty both at home and abroad. Here is small cross section of the types of work we support.

In New York our beneficiary agencies:

  • Aid low-income residents with basic groceries and nutritious meals.
  • Provide people with free legal services to prevent evictions and secure essential benefits.
  • Guide unemployed adults through basic job training, counseling, and placement services.
  • Support families with day camp and day care scholarships.
  • Offer New Yorkers temporary shelter, counseling, and financial assistance to prevent homelessness.

Overseas our network helps:

  • Provides impoverished elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union with basic food, medicine, and home care.
  • Supports Jewish children living in poverty in the former Soviet Union with food, medical care, clothing, and blankets.
  • Aids young people in Israel who are neglected, abused, or otherwise at risk by investing in young adult centers.

Every Dollar You Give Makes An Impact

  • $40 can buy 12 daily food packages for an impoverished New Yorker.
  • $80 can pay for the coat, hat, scarf, and gloves a local child needs to keep warm.
  • $180 can buy 30 meals for hungry New Yorkers at our kosher soup kitchens.
  • $700 can heat an entire apartment in Brooklyn throughout the winter.
  • $720 can purchase three cribs for struggling New York families.
  • $1,500 can help a local family stave off eviction.

To find help or learn more about our network agencies’ poverty programs, please contact our J•1•1 Information and Referral Service at 877.852.6951 or .

Your donation does so much for so many.

We're Here to Help

UJA-Federation's J•1•1 Information and Referral Center can help you access a range of health and human services. Find help today.