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Jewish Summer Camps

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Jewish summer camps are where kids find fun, friendship, and Jewish values while also exploring their interests and discovering new experiences. Our goal: growing strong Jewish identities and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Learn more about our network’s Jewish summer camps, browse a Jewish camp guide, or find help.

Providing a Jewish Experience

Summer camp is the time to try out sports, enjoy an outdoor adventure, or shine on stage. Jewish summer camps offer all that and more through a Jewish lens – whether baking challah on a campfire; singing Shabbat songs on Fridays; or playing a game of gaga, Israeli dodge ball. Jewish summer camps reach children at an important moment in their lives, when carefree summers can make a lasting impact in the years ahead.

UJA-Federation’s Impact

We provide essential support to Jewish summer camps through our network of nonprofits and grantees.

Last year, our collective impact helped provide:

  • 7,000 Jewish kids across the New York area with scholarships to attend summer camp.
  • 6,793 children from the former Soviet Union with their only opportunity to attend a Jewish summer camp, helping them learn about their Jewish values and traditions.
  • 420 campers with a Jewish environmental overnight camp experience at Eden Village Camp.
  • More than 100 kids from Russian-speaking families with a summer camp experience at Camp B’Yachad.

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