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New Parents

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Becoming a new parent is a sacred moment. It’s a time when connection to a community means having a network of people to celebrate being a family and mentors to turn to when needed. That’s why UJA-Federation supports a wide range of programs in the growing Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester, and Long Island. These programs help new parents connect with a community that understands and nurtures Jewish families at this unique stage of life.

The Challenge of Creating Community for New Parents

  • New parents are juggling their schedules to care for their families, often while also meeting the demands of a job.
  • It’s difficult to find places in the community where parents can meet each other and feel comfortable bringing their babies and young children.

UJA-Federation’s Response

Last year, our collective impact helped provide:

  • Support for kveller.com, a national website for new parents, and an accessible resource at any hour of the day, ready whenever a new parent searches for guidance — during sleepless nights or between early morning feedings.
  • Support for 18 programs piloting with synagogues, day schools, and parent groups that connect new parents to Jewish life and reflect the diversity of community — including programs for Russian-speaking and Israeli parents and adoptive and lesbian and gay families.

To find help or learn more about our network’s programs for new parents, please contact our J•1•1 Information and Referral Service at 877.852.6951 or .

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