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Greening Initiative

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Since launching our Network Greening Initiative in 2009, UJA-Federation of New York has helped our nearly 100 beneficiary agencies lighten their carbon footprint while significantly cutting energy costs.

By promoting green practices at our beneficiary agencies and our own headquarters, this greening initiative honors a basic Jewish value — sh'mirat ha-adamah — to protect the world.

And going green has definitely paid off.

In Our Network

  • Now in its sixth year, the Jewish Greening Fellows program has helped local beneficiary agencies, synagogues, and Jewish day schools become greener in spirit — and practice. Each new cohort, supported by UJA-Federation, has nurtured leaders in the community who are taking practical, cost-effective steps to protect the environment. A total of 55 organizations have participated in the Jewish Greening Fellowship and continue to apply sustainable practices to their work.
  • Teva, now a program of Hazon, transforms the way children in our community learn about the environment. Supported by UJA-Federation, Teva offers outdoor experiences that are fun, relevant, and steeped in Jewish values that inspire future generations to protect the earth.
  • By supporting the annual Siach Conference, UJA-Federation encourages Jewish environmentalists and social-justice advocates from around the world to come together to share their ideas, articulate global concerns, and promote best practices.
  • Launched in 2010, Camp Eden Village, supported by UJA-Federation of New York, is an innovative Jewish organic farm camp located in the lower Hudson ValleyBy caring for animals and using renewable sources of energy, campers learn to protect the earth while connecting to the traditions that had guided Jewish farmers for centuries.

At Our Headquarters

  • Since the Greening Initiative’s inception in 2009, UJA-Federation has successfully promoted green practices throughout its headquarters. The organization has significantly reduced costs and eliminated waste by purchasing recycled office paper, distributing coffee cups made from renewable plant fiber, investing in light sensors for all common areas, installing water-saver faucets and low-flow toilets in restrooms, and implementing energy-saving policies for in-house printing.
  • UJA-Federation of New York’s headquarters building was certified as an Energy Star building for 2013 with a rating of 85.

Special Resources

  • Our Greening Guide offers beneficiary agencies practical tips for putting greening initiative ideas into action.
  • Our Wiener Educational Center conducts greening workshops for agency professionals and volunteers.