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Network of Agencies

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UJA-Federation of New York works closely with our network of agencies to enhance vital services to our community.

Thanks to UJA-Federation’s financial support, our network of agencies can sustain first-rate services and leverage significant dollars in government funding. And with the help of our professional staff and pro bono consultants, our network of agencies can build stronger volunteer leadership and operate more efficiently.

Through our collaborative efforts, our network of agencies grows stronger every day.

Financial Support — We allocated nearly $150 million in grants and allocations last year to nearly 100 beneficiary agencies. Through the dollars we distribute annually, we provide the core funding that helps our network of agencies secure nearly $2 billion in government support each year.

Advocacy — We advocate on the federal, state, and local levels to support policies and funding decisions that help our network of agencies serve vulnerable populations.

Leadership Development — We offer educational opportunities for professionals, board members, and many other volunteers within our network of agencies who are committed to strengthening their skills. Many of these programs are offered through our volunteer services division and Wiener Educational Center.

Building Organizational Capacity — We award grants that support operational and managerial excellence in network agencies, including grants that support social enterprise.

Pro Bono Consulting — We recruit volunteers to offer professional guidance and support in every field to our network of agencies through our Management Assistance Program and its pro bono consulting efforts.

Greening Initiative — We help our network of agencies reduce waste and improve energy efficiency while significantly cutting costs through our Network Greening Initiative.

Capital Efforts — We raise critical capital and endowment funds to help our network of agencies address communitywide social or humanitarian challenges and renovate and expand outdated facilities.