UJA-Federation of New York

Good together.



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More than 500 synagogues in the greater New York area provide a rich diversity of options for joining in communities of prayer, learning, and charitable deeds.

Strengthening Synagogues Together

UJA-Federation of New York is proud to work alongside New York synagogues in many ways.

  • Collaborating With Congregations — Together, we are strengthening synagogues by exploring ways to improve their Jewish education programs, increase their membership, expand their human-service efforts, develop their leadership, and operate more efficiently.
  • Fulfilling Community Mandates — We are strengthening synagogues by offering the resources they need to join with other Jewish institutions to bring disaster relief to those affected by catastrophe, welcome those on the margins, and plan for the future of the community.
  • Raising Communal Funds — We are strengthening synagogues by offering ways for congregants to participate in tzedakah, charity and social justice.

UJA-Federation helps enrich Jewish life today through strengthening synagogues — vital centers of Jewish learning and spiritual renewal.

Synagogues in Sync
UJA-Federation is working to strengthen synagogues as centers of caring, learning, and spiritual renewal.