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SYNERGY: UJA-Federation and Synagogues Together

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The current moment is one of both attenuated Jewish connection for many, and, at the same time, renewed and strengthened commitment for others. The opportunity and challenge at hand is extraordinary — to maximize the likelihood of positive Jewish identification and commitment.

Recognizing this challenge and opportunity, UJA-Federation is committed to dynamic partnerships with the rabbis, cantors, Jewish educators, executive directors, and lay leaders of New York, Westchester, and Long Island congregations. Working together, we seek to strengthen synagogues as vital centers of caring, learning, and spiritual renewal where Jews and Jewish families can find inspiration, learning, and engagement.

Here, at SYNERGY: UJA-Federation of New York and Synagogues Together, we have identified three core areas of focus:

  • Moving the Synagogue Field: By engaging with synagogues ready for broad-ranging transformations, SYNERGY aims to inspire the field and pioneer new visions for the synagogues of tomorrow through various pilot projects.
  • Strengthening the New York Area Synagogues: By connecting New York area synagogues to a variety of resources such as leadership development programs, grant opportunities, and cross-promoted, movement-specific resources, SYNERGY enables synagogues to move from the present to a better future; from functional to visionary.
  • Partnering to Strengthen Community:  By connecting synagogues to the larger, local Jewish community landscape comprised of other synagogues SYNERGY aspired to create an interconnected, caring, and vibrant Jewish community.  We also enjoin synagogues in our collective community tzedakah and fundraising efforts to enable the building and sustaining of a strong Jewish community.

Synagogue leaders can learn more about opportunities by subscribing to the SYNERGY email. Learn about Connected Congregations and the New York Rabbinic Fellowship for Visionary Leaders.


Contact Adina H. Frydman, Executive Director of SYNERGY, UJA-Federation and Synagogues Together, at 212.836.1832 or .