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Are Voluntary Dues Right for Your Synagogue?

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In a first-of-its-kind study commissioned by UJA-Federation, we identified the 26 synagogues across the country, as of September 2014, that have eliminated dues and are allowing members to make voluntary financial commitments.

The finished report, researched by Beryl Chernov, Debbie Joseph, and Rabbi Dan Judson, is titled “Are Voluntary Dues Right for Your Synagogue?” The report details why synagogue leaders adopted this model, how the model works, and case studies and data about how revenue, membership, and giving patterns have changed since the switch. The report reflects UJA-Federation's commitment to identifying and sharing innovations and strategies that can support congregations on their journeys to become thriving synagogues.

We know this model is not for everyone, but we believe that this guide will be useful to all synagogue leaders hoping to better align their financial model with their vision and values.

Read the New York Times story about our voluntary dues report.

Below is a list of resources we have created for synagogues looking for further information:

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