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Sephardic. Ashkenazi. Russian-speaking. And every religious denomination. LGBTQ. Interfaith families. We’re all part of the tapestry of the New York Jewish community. But sometimes we need a little help to understand one another.

UJA-Federation of New York works to bridge divides among diverse elements of the Jewish community in New York. We also build relationships between the New York Jewish community and other communities here and around the world for the benefit of society as a whole.

The Challenge of a Diverse Community

The New York Jewish community is a multicultural landscape, reflecting the rest of American life in the 21st century. Each group has unique cultural aspects that strengthen it as a community and bring vibrancy to the totality of Jewish life.

In the new global environment, we search for ways for the Jewish community to connect as a global community, recognizing that the boundaries that defined Jewish life in the past may no longer be meaningful or conducive to strengthening it.

UJA-Federation’s Response

We provide essential support to our network of agencies and grantees that help build bridges among Jewish communities in New York, in Israel, and around the world.

Last year, our collective impact helped provide:

  • Major support for the Celebrate Israel Parade as a way of engaging diverse segments of the New York Jewish community.
  • 21 mini-grants to synagogues and Jewish community centers to support social-action programs in the New York Jewish community.
  • Support to more than 25 New York social, educational, and cultural events engaging Israeli-Americans. Read more in our recent study of Israeli Jews in Greater New York (PDF).
  • Support to a variety of programs giving the population of Russian Jews — which makes up a quarter of the New York Jewish community — a voice in our community and our communal decisions.

Learn more network of agencies and programs to strengthen to New York Jewish community. To find help, please contact our J•1•1 Information and Referral Service at 877.852.6951 or .

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