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Worldwide Jewish Connections

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UJA-Federation works with Jewish communities in New York, Israel, and worldwide to foster a collective sense of support for and belonging to the Jewish people. Our efforts stress the commonalities that unite various sectors of the Jewish people worldwide, and celebrate the differences that contribute to our diversity. Our goal is to create meaningful worldwide Jewish connections with the state of Israel, encourage a knowledge and understanding of our shared history, and inspire a sense of commitment to and responsibility for the future of the Jewish people.

Located in Jewish community centers, Hillels, synagogues, and schools, these international programs seek to increase awareness about the global Jewish community, build stronger worldwide Jewish connections among the Jewish people, and foster collective support for Israel.

The Challenge of Building Worldwide Jewish Connections

  • There is a lack of connection between the Jews of North America, Israel, and the world.
  • The cultural norms of the 21st century speak more to individualism than to a collective identity like the Jewish people.
  • Jewish communities are spread throughout six continents without enough of a shared language.

UJA-Federation’s Response

We provide essential support to beneficiary agencies and grantees that help strengthen ties among communities in New York, in Israel, and around the world.

Our worldwide Jewish connections programs bring together Jews from the United States, Israel, and Europe or South America. Working through JCCs, synagogues, and Hillels, we seek to engage individuals in educational programs about different Jewish societies in the world and change the way our institutions embrace and engage the worldwide Jewish community. These programs include shared travel experiences to each of the partner communities.

We also work to convene networks of Jews from around the world in areas of shared concern and interest, such as Siach: The Global Social Justice Conference and MiNYanim, a Pan-European program for young European Jews teaching Jewish content and business and nonprofit leadership skills.

Last year, our collective impact helped provide:

  • Support that engaged 51 different organizations in the work of global peoplehood.
  • Peoplehood programs taking place in more than 60 countries worldwide, across six continents, involving more than 3,000 teens and adults. 
  • 35 international connections programs in 42 distinct Jewish communities.

Your donation does so much for so many.