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Where Your Donation Goes

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Where Your Donation Goes

Donating to charities reflects your values and the issues that matter to you. And because you believe every dollar counts, you want to know where your donation goes.

Your donation supports UJA-Federation and a network of nearly 100 beneficiary agencies and dozens of grantees in New York, in Israel and in more than 70 other countries around the world, touching 4.5 million lives each year. Together, we’re helping write the Jewish future by providing vital care for those struggling in quiet desperation. Enabling young and not-so-young to experience the power of inspiring Jewish community. Fulfilling the dream of aliyah for those who seek it. And taking responsibility for all within our city and Jewish communities everywhere.

It’s remarkable when you realize where your donation goes. Around the world. Down the block. Touching so many lives in profound ways.

At UJA-Federation, we are committed to the highest level of fiscal transparency. Read our Report to the Community and Report of Strategic Directions and Grants for details about the programs and agencies we support. Thank you for your support. We hope you’re proud knowing where your donation goes and how much good it makes possible.