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At UJA-Federation, we believe in the power of coming together. We bring donors together. Agencies and synagogues. Dedicated volunteers and experienced professionals. Great ideas and responsible funding. Sustaining a network and transforming a community together. Each individual, each agency, each volunteer is strong on its own. But in coming together to act on our Jewish values, we multiply our impact, strengthening our community today and for years to come.

Strategic Planning

We deeply respect the talents and wisdom of all those who have a stake in our community. That’s why when it comes to identifying emerging communal issues and providing thoughtful solutions, we listen first. To the agencies doing the work on the ground. To the experts in the field. To the men and women whose lives are affected.

Our professional staff and volunteer leaders are connected to Jewish day schools, synagogues, Jewish community centers, Hillels, and the human-service system in New York and around the world. To stay abreast of changing needs, we convene experts in the field and organize high-level conferences and symposiums. We draw on cutting-edge research and guide new research as necessary. All this ensures that we are positioned to respond quickly and effectively to unforeseen crises and emerging opportunities.


When we identify an unmet communal need or a better way of doing things, we bring together agencies and other key stakeholders, and respond with the funds necessary to transform an idea into reality. Our recent special initiatives range from launching Connect to Care, a program to help middle-class families and others devastated by the economic downturn, to creating the Israel Trauma Coalition, to changing the way people approach the end of life.

Strengthening Our Network of Agencies

We've helped build a network of nearly 100 human-service, educational, and community-building agencies. Each agency offers dozens, even hundreds, of programs that enrich lives. In uniting under the umbrella of a single network, the strengths of individual agencies are compounded to the benefit of the entire community.

We work with our beneficiary agencies on how to operate more efficiently and cooperate with other agencies to increase their reach. We advocate for government funding on their behalf, resulting in millions of additional dollars for important programming. Additionally, we provide educational opportunities and support for strengthening agency leadership, governance, in-service programs, marketing, technology, and fundraising.

UJA-Federation is also one of the few philanthropic organizations that allocates core operating support — the unrestricted funding that supports agencies and allows them to determine where money needs to be spent. It's critical for the agencies' day-to-day operations and long-term planning.

Convening and Educating

As a central convener, we connect people with different perspectives, ideas, and expertise to inform one another and to mobilize our community around important issues, whether supporting inclusion for people with disabilities, rallying for Israel in moments of crisis, or raising a voice against nuclear Iran.

We are at the forefront of educating our community, inviting ambassadors, thinkers and writers, and other notable figures to our 59th Street headquarters to speak about issues and events that matters to us as Jews, Americans, and a people deeply connected to Israel.

Trust, Delivery, and Impact

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of fiscal transparency, and we do the same for every agency that is a part of UJA-Federation's network. A stringent review of each agency is part of our affiliation process.

When people give to UJA-Federation, they know critical help will reach men, women, and children who would otherwise be invisible and forgotten. We reach out right next door and across the world. We're the way to impact New York, Israel, and the Jewish people everywhere, bettering society as a whole. Get involved. It all starts here.

About Our Grants

UJA-Federation selects grant recipients that embody the organization's mission.