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Jewish Community Study 2002

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Changing Needs, Growth, and Strength

As we celebrate 350 years of a Jewish presence in America, we reflect on a community that is vibrant, diverse, and engaged. At the same time, we are challenged to understand the changing demographics and multiple constituencies that make up our community, and to respond to the needs of the vulnerable.

While New York’s Jewish community remains one of the largest in America, we know that the makeup and needs of the community have changed. This study enables us to better understand those needs and the many layers of Jewish community life that exist from county to county.

It is incumbent on UJA-Federation, our network of agencies, and all others concerned with the important information found within this report to join together and make use of the data to inform policy and communal planning.

It is our hope that the findings of this study will enrich our thinking and stimulate responses to the needs of our multifaceted community. The true test of the study’s effectiveness will be the extent to which information provided herein will enhance our communal agenda and put into effect a series of new and valuable programs. We invite you to study these findings and join with us in our mission to strengthen the New York Jewish community as it grows and prospers.

Judah Gribetz
Nicki Tanner

Chairs, Jewish Community Study of New York: 2002 Committee