October 7 was one of the darkest days in modern Israeli history, and the worldwide Jewish community changed forever as result of the terror wrought by Hamas. 

Join us for a discussion with Gidi Grinstein. Gidi will give us a deeper understanding of modern-day Israeli history and what led to the events on October 7. You’ll come away feeling empowered with the right tools and knowledge to engage in conversations about Israel.

Plus, you’ll learn more about how UJA is responding to the mounting needs in Israel and New York, as well as around the world.

Don’t miss this important talk. 


Honoree Portrait

Gideon (Gidi) Grinstein

Founder and President, The Reut Institute

Gidi Grinstein is an Israeli societal entrepreneur. He served as secretary of the Israeli delegation for the Camp David negotiations with the Palestinians (1999-2001) and was involved in multiple peace initiatives. Gidi founded the Reut Group in 2004 as a platform for creating and scaling innovative solutions for significant social problems facing humanity and society.


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