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Caring for Holocaust Survivors

We are keeping our promise to never forget and never abandon.

Our support provides Holocaust survivors with counseling, home-based care to avoid institutionalization, and social programs that brighten their days.

The Facts:

  • 175,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel and about 25% are poor.
  • 50,000 Holocaust survivors live in the New York area and 50% are poor.
  • As survivors age, they require more care as the trials of their younger years show dire effects with age.
  • The cost of caring for Holocaust survivors won’t abate until 2025.

Our Impact:

  • 16,000 Holocaust survivors in New York and Israel receive emergency cash assistance, counseling, legal services, and other vital help through the Community Initiative for Holocaust Survivors.
  • $2.7 million was secured — thanks to our lobbying efforts — to help New York’s neediest Holocaust survivors with case management, cash assistance, and socialization.

With thanks to our network of nonprofits.

As Holocaust survivors age, the need for these services is greater than ever.

We need your support now.



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