How We Work


We distribute funds to hundreds of nonprofits in New York, in Israel, and around the world, smartly, strategically, and seeking real measurable outcomes. Deciding how to allocate funds entrusted to us by our donors is an enormous undertaking. Our aim is to carry out this process with full transparency. Every single grant we gave last year is published here.

Behind all these grants, there’s a robust planning department at UJA. Working hand-in-hand with volunteers, our planning staff kicks off every year by determining a set of priorities that guide where the money goes. That doesn’t mean our focus changes drastically from year to year. For example, fighting poverty will always be a major concern, but how we invest in that area may change based on emerging needs (e.g., government reductions) or new technological opportunities (e.g., digital choice food pantries).

On top of that, if there’s a need that’s not being met by the nonprofits currently on the ground, we have the experts, relationships, know-how, and financial resources to create programs from the bottom up. By driving together key influencers and listening to the many voices that make up our community — from agencies and grantees to synagogues and other partners in change — we can deliver funds to areas where we’ll have the greatest impact.

We strategize

UJA has three main strategic planning priorities: We care for people in need and strengthen Jewish life by investing in organizations and specific projects that enhance our work in areas like poverty, employment, mental health, deepening Jewish identity, and building Jewish community. We respond to crises near and far by allocating emergency dollars to bring urgent relief to those on the ground and aid long-term recovery. To undergird this work, we provide general operating support and oversight to 60 core partners that form our network, and offer guidance and funding to many other nonprofits, large and small.

At the same time, we’re offering innovative solutions to challenges that require our rapid response. This is where years of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit go hand-in-hand. We’re upping the impact, getting things done quickly, and moving on to the next challenge.


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Where the Dollars Go

In FY 2023, UJA's total grant expense was $185.3 Million.

This includes the rental value of property used by agencies without charge and is net of write-offs of prior year grants. Individual grants may be attributed to more than one focus area.