A trip with UJA is unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Gain access to exclusive opportunities, incredible local leaders, and a community of adventurous and bright companions as you travel with us throughout the world.

Venture through the side streets of Jerusalem’s Old City, the bustling marketplaces of Morocco, and the stunning hills of Argentina. Discover hidden gems in Europe’s most historic cities, from Berlin to Budapest.

UJA offers trips year-round to fantastic destinations – including many you wouldn’t expect. Join a local Jewish community for Shabbat dinner in Havana, Amsterdam, or Mumbai; experience the vibrancy of Israel and other breathtaking destinations in the Middle East, including Jordan and Egypt; form lasting friendships over drinks in Moscow, in the mountains of the Balkans, or in the warm night air of South Africa.

Get in touch with your Jewish philanthropy by learning from experts on the ground: local rabbis, foreign dignitaries, aid workers. Explore new communities with a freedom of access that only UJA’s resources can provide. Make lifelong friends as you discover a new country and open new doors in your relationships. Traveling with UJA means becoming a more active member of the global community.



Your support on every front has never been more essential.