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To the Community

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Dear Friends,

If ever there was a moment that encapsulated the power of our community and the strength of UJA’s network, it was October 7, 2023 — a day that will be forever seared into our collective memory.

Never has our purpose been clearer than in the hours, days, and months since that barbaric attack.

Immediately upon learning about the scope of the attack, we allocated $10 million from our endowment — created precisely for moments like this — so that our emergency dollars were the first major overseas funds to reach Israel.

We also opened an Israel Emergency Fund, harnessing the incredible outpouring of community support. In Israel, our partners on the ground were able to offer lifesaving aid to the victims of terror, pivoting from work as usual to the demands of an unprecedented crisis.

In New York, we mobilized our community to rally locally and on the national stage, calling out for the release of the hostages in one united voice: “Bring Them Home.”

Every action taken by UJA and our partners — and our ability to act with such immediacy on every front — was made possible because of years of investments, relationship-building, and hard-earned expertise that created a foundation of strength and preparedness.

That’s why UJA can be so effective, even while our hearts are breaking.

In lieu of our typical annual report, this Special Report to the Community will share an update on our ongoing response to the war in Israel, covering October 7 to December 31, 2023, recognizing that the war and our related efforts continue. We will also look back briefly at the 2023 fiscal year, July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023.

Words of thanks feel insufficient to express the depth of our gratitude. We’ve always known our community to be extraordinary — but in this crisis you have shown a generosity that will be long remembered, a fearless resolve, and spirit of unity that gives us strength and hope.

You give new resonance to the words Am Yisrael Chai. The Jewish People live.

  • Linda Mirels

    Linda Mirels

  • Marc Rowan

    Marc Rowan
    Chair of the Board

  • Eric S. Goldstein

    Eric S. Goldstein
    Chief Executive Officer

at War

October 7, 2023, will be remembered as the worst attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Read about our latest allocations and ongoing impact.

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Fiscal Year 2023

A Year of Purpose and Preparedness

  • $234.3 million
    Total Raised

  • $173 million
    Annual Campaign

  • $44.8 million
    Planned Giving & Endowments

  • $16.5 million
    Capital Gifts & Special Initiatives

Where the Dollars Go

In FY 2023, UJA's total grant expense was $185.3 Million.

This includes the rental value of property used by agencies without charge and is net of write-offs of prior year grants. Individual grants may be attributed to more than one focus area.

2023 Report of Grants Awarded