Through bleak
days that tested
our resolve,
we did not waver

Dear Friends,

During a year of unremitting turbulence, your support meant we were always ready and able to make a difference.

This year’s annual report chronicles our efforts to tackle the evolving demands of the pandemic: Our initial emergency Covid-relief funding significantly enhanced social service delivery while also helping Jewish institutions weather the months of lockdown and safely reopen. We then led efforts to vaccinate vulnerable New Yorkers and combat vaccine hesitancy. Recognizing that financial insecurity and mental health needs will long persist for many in our community, we continued to invest strategically in addressing these issues.

No less pressing, we responded to the 11-day conflict in Israel, offering emergency support and standing in solidarity when others were silent. Here in New York, rising antisemitism demanded we show a united front against hate. Around the world, natural disasters and other crises called on us to act.

Despite multiple challenges on multiple fronts, transformative investments, which have proven more timely than ever, moved forward without pause: a dramatic upgrade for Jewish summer camps, a visionary new arts campus in Jerusalem, the opening of the flagship Jack and Shirley Silver Hub, and more.

Thanks to your generosity, in fiscal year 2021 we raised a total of $249.6 million: $163.2 million for our annual campaign, $40.2 million in capital gifts and special initiatives, and $46.2 million in planned giving and endowments.

Through bleak days that tested our resolve, we did not waver. We continued to demonstrate that in crisis, UJA helps lead the way forward for our community.

Together, we will always be ready. We will respond. We will strive to build a better world.

With our warmest thanks and appreciation,

  • Amy A. B. Bressman

  • David L. Moore
    Chair of the Board

  • Eric S. Goldstein
    Chief Executive Officer

Our Impact. In Numbers.

  • Since the pandemic began, we’ve allocated nearly

    $70 MILLION

    in emergency grants and loans over and above our annual $150 million in allocations.

  • 7,000

    vaccine appointments secured for older adults, vulnerable populations, and healthcare workers.

  • 355,000

    people helped by our Covid relief hubs and key food interventions.

  • Our Community Security Initiative helped guide 177 organizations to secure

    $27 Million

    in federal nonprofit security grants.

1 in 5 Jewish adults

indicate that their attachment to being Jewish has increased since the pandemic.

With our support, Jewish life never stops. It adapts — and thrives.

Now We Go Forward. Across Our Community.

  • Our new Brooklyn Hub, offering an array of social services under one roof and building on the success off our Silver Hub, coming in 2023.

  • We’re helping secure 2,000 Jewish institutions across New York, Long, and Westchester, and educating people about what antisemitism is and how to fight it.

  • We’re continuing to transform our Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds to shape the next generation of Jewish community leaders.

  • Our Jerusalem Campus for the Arts opening in spring 2022 will bring a cultural and economic renaissance to Jerusalem.

Together for


  • 35,600
    People Attended 346 Events

  • $249.6 million
    Total Raised

  • $163.2 million
    Annual Campaign

  • $40.2 million
    Capital Gifts & Special Initiatives

  • $46.2 million
    Planned Giving & Endowment

Where the Dollars Go

In FY 2021, UJA's total grant expense was $181.0 Million.

This includes the rental value of property used by agencies without charge and is net of write-offs of prior year grants. Individual grants may be attributed to more than one focus area.

2021 Report of Grants Awarded