We're a lifeline for the isolated, vulnerable, and people facing challenges too difficult to bear alone.

We help people achieve economic stability, nurture their mental health and well-being, and advocate in the halls of power with our fellow New Yorkers to make sure all members of our community can reach their full potential.

Our Impact

  • 23.1 million pounds of food distributed by local nonprofit partners.

  • 129,400 people referred to government services and benefits worldwide.

  • $15.5 million in emergency cash assistance distributed worldwide.

  • 763,000 hours of mental health services provided around the world.

  • 1.45 million meals provided to seniors worldwide.

  • 93,700 at-risk Israeli children benefit from services.

  • 82,200 seniors and Holocaust survivors struggling in the former Soviet Union receive services to live in dignity.

  • 96,900 people received employment services globally.