We have diverse interests, backgrounds, and professions, and we take pride in what makes us unique.
But it’s what we have in common — our core values — that keeps us connected. Values like compassion, generosity, and a commitment to collective action that better our community and the world around us. Welcome to UJA.


J-Teen Leadership

We’re Jewish teens from across Westchester who are coming together for leadership development training and community service with the goal of making an impact on our world.

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UJA Sephardic Division

Join our proud community of Sephardic Jews who share exclusive social, learning, and philanthropic opportunities through UJA.

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A welcoming space for Jews with roots in the former Soviet Union who are proud of their heritage and want to strengthen their community. Connect with other leaders who are giving back to help people here in New York and around the world — people who are passionate about changing lives.

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UJA Pride

A safe, inclusive space for people who identify as LGBTQ, who are LGBTQ allies, and who want to strengthen our community and make an impact.

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UJA Women

We’re New York Jewish women at every stage of life, on every professional and personal path, and with every passion. Welcome to the family.

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UJA Young Leaders

We come from different backgrounds. We work in different industries. But we share common values.

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Youth Philanthropy

At the Center for Youth Philanthropy and Leadership (CYPL), we’re teens interested in making the world a better place. We know it’s never too early to make a difference. From becoming bar and bat mitzvah through high school and college, we learn, mentor, grow, and lead through volunteering, foundation board service, and work that challenges and changes how we see the world.

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Your support on every front has never been more essential.