Connect to Care

The Jewish Community Is Here For You

Today, many of us find ourselves in need of financial and emotional support — even those of us who never expected to need assistance. Thankfully, the Jewish community is here to help.

UJA-Federation’s Response

In 2008, UJA-Federation of New York created Connect to Care, offering comprehensive support at conveniently located regional centers for to people affected by the recession. Connect to Care mobilized our vast network to leverage the services of our area’s most prestigious and effective human-service agencies, Jewish community centers, as well as essential relationships with hundreds of nonprofits worldwide.

Today, in a post-recession era, the Connect to Care model remains present in key initiatives such as Partners in Care, Single Step[LD1] , Poverty Hubs, and UJA-Federation’s response to global crises such as our recent work in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

Interventions offered include:

  • legal services
  • housing services
  • programmatic services, including day camps, scholarships, medical and health insurance, emergency cash assistance, and job training
  • emotional support
  • disaster assistance

For help and additional information, contact .