Event Registration & Journal Packages

Purchase your event tickets and journal packages below. All event tickets and journal packages include entry to Young Wall Street's Closing Bell, the official afterparty of the Wall Street Dinner.

UJA Giving Societies
A journal package of $10,000 or more includes membership in one or more of UJA's donor giving societies: Tzedek Society ($10,000+), King David Society ($25,000+), Ambassador's Round Table ($50,000+), and Prime Minister's Council ($100,000+). Membership includes exclusive access to briefings, volunteer experiences, missions, and other benefits.

Inside Front Two-Page Spread

$500,000 can provide 500 bullet-proof vests for a security volunteer at a Jewish school, synagogue, or community center that has recently been the target of an antisemitic attack.

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Offline sales only

Elana Atlas
Back Cover

$250,000 can support Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine (FJC) efforts to deliver food and first aid packages to the 30,000 neediest members of the Jewish community throughout Ukraine. 

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Offline sales only

Elana Atlas
Inside Front or Inside Back Cover

$150,000 can support a week-long mission to Israel for 20 participants -- elected officials, faith-based and community leaders.

Diamond Page

$100,000 can provide a full complement of social services to support 15 single mothers quest’s to become self-sufficient: English as a Second Language, vocational training, and job placement. 

Platinum Page

$50,000 can provide full summer tuition for camp for 6 campers.

Gold Page

$36,000 can send two low-income children to day care for a year.

Silver Page

$25,000 can provide 150 therapy sessions for young adults struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or suicidal thoughts and feelings.

Bronze Page

$18,000 can help cover rent & utilities for a mother and five children for a six-month stay in a domestic violence shelter.

White Page

$10,000 can enable 15 new retirees to strengthen their financial, digital and health literacy and planning skills. 

White Half-Page

$5,000 can provide material support, including food and medicine, to 37 clients in Ukraine.

Individual Ticket

$350 can provide a Chromebook and technology for remote school work for one child.

Young Wall Street Closing Bell Individual Ticket

$100 can provide one weekly mental health session for a teen in crisis for a month.