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UJA Giving Societies
A journal package of $10,000 or more includes membership in one or more of UJA's donor giving societies: Tzedek Society ($10,000+), King David Society ($25,000+), Ambassador's Round Table ($50,000+), and Prime Minister's Council ($100,000+). Membership includes exclusive access to briefings, volunteer experiences, missions, and other benefits.

Inside Front Three-Page Spread

$500,000 can provide 500 bullet-proof vests for a security volunteer at a Jewish school, synagogue, or community center that has recently been the target of an antisemitic attack.

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Offline sales only

Elana Atlas
Back Cover

$250,000 can provide vital supplemental support for 138 homebound Holocaust survivors living on a fixed income, including remote platforms to reduce social isolation and increase connection.

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Offline sales only

Elana Atlas
Inside Front or Inside Back Cover

$150,000 can send 18 participants on a Study Tour to Israel for elected officials, community leaders, CUNY administrators, and faculty.

Diamond Page

$100,000 can provide a full complement of social services to support 15 single mothers' quest to become self-sufficient: English as a second language, vocational training, and job placement.

Platinum Page

$50,000 can provide full summer tuition for 5 sleepaway campers.

Gold Page

$36,000 can provide 5 children with one year of after-school care, 5 days/week.

Silver Page

$25,000 can provide 150 therapy sessions for uninsured or underinsured young adults.

Bronze Page

$18,000 can provide emergency rent assistance to 9 families to stay in their homes and avoid homelessness.

White Page

$10,000 can provide 2,000 home delivered meals to survivors.

White Half-Page

$5,000 can help enroll 9 children with disabilities into an enrichment class that will increase socialization and critical life skills.

Individual Ticket

$350 can provide 10 weeks of music or sports lessons for one child.

Closing Bell Afterparty Hosted by UJA Young Wall Street

$125 can provide an hour of counseling to a teen in need at a community-based clinic.