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Mark your calendar to honor Jessica Berman, Commissioner of the National Women’s Soccer League, with the David J. Stern Leadership Award at this year’s Sports For Youth annual luncheon. We’ll recognize Jessica’s professional and philanthropic achievements and celebrate the impact of Sports for Youth.

We’ll also hear about UJA’s ongoing critical work and what your generosity makes possible. 

UJA-Federation requests that all event attendees be vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Jessica Berman

Commissioner, National Women’s Soccer League

Jessica Berman is the commissioner of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), where she oversees all operations of the league with a focus on supporting players on and off the pitch, working with NWSL clubs to continue building on the positive momentum of the league’s growing audience, and collaborating with NWSL partners to create the most engaging and entertaining fan experience.

Berman joined the NWSL after two and a half years serving as deputy commissioner and executive vice president of business affairs at the National Lacrosse League (NLL). During her time with the NLL, Berman’s responsibilities included overseeing team services, operations, marketing and...

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Sports For Youth convenes executives from across the industry to bring the life-changing impact of participating in sports to kids of every age, athletic ability, and background throughout the five boroughs, Westchester, Long Island, and overseas. We even the playing field so that kids can participate regardless of the financial or physical challenges they might face. 


Leslie Gittess*
Peter Land*
Donna Orender*

Jessica Berman
Gary B. Bettman
Alexandra Chalat
Lauren Cohen
Seth J. Finkel
Don Garber
Kenny Gersh*
Gary Gertzog
Neil Glat*
Josh Gold
Frank Golding
Andy Gould
Matt Grandis
Jeffrey Graubard
Eric Guthoff
Lauren Halpern
Howard Handler
Pam Harris
Eva Hoffman
Adam Holzer
Anna Isaacson*
Todd Jacobson
Cliff Kaplan
Stephen Karasik
Seth Ladetsky
Michael Levine*
Danielle Maged
Hillary Mandel*
Sandy Montag
Amy Oltchick
Kenneth Podziba
Mike Reisman*
David Robinov
Brad Ruskin
Dan Sabreen
Rob Shaw
Lew Sherr*
David Sternberg
Jeff Volk
Keith Wachtel
Michael Weisman
Russell E. Wolff*
Lori York
Gary Zenkel
Andrew Zinberg*
Marc Zwerdling

*Sports for Youth Executive Committee member

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