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Volume 1/2012/5773 Vision and Data: Essential Building Blocks for Successful Synagogue Change
This report draws from the lessons learned from the Sustainable Synagogue Business Models project, pioneered by 12 diverse New York synagogues with the goal of empowering synagogues to develop more sustainable models for the 21st century. Synagogue leaders have much to gain from understanding this process of testing hypotheses against data, from hearing what leaders of participating synagogues have learned that has ramifications for all synagogues, and from learning how all synagogues can begin to develop capacity for data-informed decision-making.

Volume 2/ 2013/5773 A Guide to Synagogue Management Systems: Research and Recommendations
This report serves as an overview of the market for synagogues looking to implement a new data management system or those that want to learn more about how their current system compares to others on the market.

Volume 3/ 2013/5773 Connected Congregations: From Dues and Membership to Sustaining Communities of Purpose
This paper reflects UJA-Federation of New York's commitment to identify, elevate, and share innovations and strategies through SYNERGY in order to strengthen synagogues, and examines and reports on the key alignment between synagogue financial health and several factors of success as seen in three innovative models.

Volume 4/ 2013/5774 Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today: A Guide for Study and Action
This report serves as a reader’s guide, which synagogues could use to spark key conversations with their leadership around the nature of tomorrow’s synagogue and the issues changing in the broad synagogue landscape.

Volume 5/ 2013/5774 Alliances, Mergers and Partnerships: Lessons from the Journey 2008-2013
This report chronicles a five-year initiative as a resource to synagogue leaders -- the Alliances, Mergers, and Partnerships (AMP) project -- which aimed to bridge the gap local leaders often experience between the ideas they hear at a learning event and the steps they can actually implement in their local situations.

Volume 6/2014/5774 Synagogue Engagement: Building Bridges to Young Adults
The report offers a broad overview of the changing landscape in the North American Jewish community, as synagogues increasingly strategize and brainstorm to create innovative ways of providing young adults with meaningful entry points into Jewish life.

Volume 7/2014/5774 A Guide to Synagogue Management: Research and Recommendations Updates for 2014
This report serves as an updated overview of the market for synagogues looking to implement new data-management systems, or those that want to learn more about how their current system compares to others on the market.

Volume 8/2015/5775 Are Voluntary Dues Right For Your Synagogue?
In a nationwide study commissioned by UJA-Federation, we identified the 26 synagogues, as of September 2014, that have eliminated dues and are allowing members to make voluntary financial commitments.  This resulting guide details why synagogue leaders have moved to this model and how the adoption process worked, and offers data and case studies about how revenue, membership, and giving patterns have changed since the switch.

Volume 9/2015/5775 Data Maturity for Synagogues: Incorporating Data into the Decision-Making Culture
This report aims to help synagogues understand the data they currently track, how they can use that data to better serve their congregations, and how they could take their data skills to the next level.

Volume 10/2015/5775 Synagogue Engagement: Reaching Out to Russian Speaking Jews
In 2011, UJA-Federation funded the Council of Jewish Émigré Community Organizations (COJECO) to create the Synagogue Outreach Network (SON). This initiative sought to identify and foster new and innovative programs that welcome Russian-speaking Jews into congregational life. This report shares the reflections and learnings from the 12 New York-area synagogues that received guidance and funding to engage Russian-speaking Jews.

Volume 11/2015/5776 Strategies for Maintaining Synagogue Spaces
Since a synagogue's building is often one of its most valuable resources and an important part of a congregation's identity, efficient management of that building and the maintenance of its facilities are critical to a congregation's sound operations.  This volume, featuring research funded by UJA-Federation of New York, shares practical wisdom for maintaining synagogue spaces.

Volume 12/ 2016/5776 Greening Synagogues: Lessons from the Jewish Greening Fellowship
Looking for ideas that can engage young people, build community, enrich Jewish education, and save money, too? Greening your congregation is about finding new ways to put your Jewish values into action every day

Volume 13/2016/5776 Should We Stay or Should We Go? Synagogue Empty Nesters on the Edge
This research focuses on the Westchester synagogue community and explores key questions about engagement, retention and connection. As well, it indicates patterns and trends of how synagogues beyond Westchester can adapt and innovate to engage synagogue members as they age, and as their connection to their synagogues often becomes attenuated.

Volume 14/2017/5777 Connection, Cultivation, And Commitment: New Insights on Voluntary Dues This report is a follow up to the 2015 Are Voluntary Dues Right for Your Synagogue? It examines an expanded number of synagogues and for the first time, takes a look at what it takes to sustain the model over time.

Volume 15/2018/5778 The Synagogue Executive Director: A Changing Role for Changing Times
This research examines the crucial role of the synagogue executive director and/or administrator. The report identifies key findings and action steps to define and support the role and enhance the partnership between the executive director/administrator and leadership, clergy and senior staff.