Planned Giving

Will – this is the most common legacy gift people make to UJA. Remembering us in your will won’t affect your assets during your lifetime. 

  • Bequest
  • Legacy
  • Planned giving/planned gift
  • Charitable trust

Life insurance – life insurance may fund a gift or replace the value of a gifted asset. 

The Jewish Future/ Caring for the future

Community trust – UJA offers two trusts that allow concerned parties to provide for the long-term needs of adults with disabilities.

  • Trust for disabled
  • Trust

Estate – Is UJA already in your estate plan? Let us know.

Sample language – including UJA-Federation in your estate planning can be as simple as adding language to your will. 

Retirement plan/account – consider retirement plan gifts for a significant gift to UJA-Federation.

Beneficiary designation
– make a significant gift to UJA-Federation. 

  • 401k
  • IRA
  • Donor advised fund
  • Bank account
  • Brokerage account

Gifts that pay you an income – you may support UJA-Federation and retain income for yourself and loved ones through a charitable gift annuity or charitable trust.

  • Charitable gift annuity
  • Gift annuity
  • Annuity
  • CGA

Donating property – a non-traditional form of charitable giving, tangible property may be contributed to UJA-Federation in ways that afford a donor many benefits. 

Real estate
– many kinds of real estate may be donated to UJA-Federation.

Tax ID - UJA-Federation of New York’s TAX I.D. number is 51-0172429.

Endowment – create an everlasting gift by establishing a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) or Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE). These endowments help ensure the success of UJA-Federation’s annual campaign. They are essential for our today and tomorrow but need not cost you anything now. 


  • Gifts by will
  • Getting started is easier than you think
  • To make it straightforward and easy for you to begin writing your will, we’re working with FreeWill. Click here to start the process of writing your will at no cost to you. Including a gift to UJA-Federation is a powerful way to ensure a bright Jewish future for generations to come.
  • This tool is free to you whether you choose to include a gift to UJA or not, and can be used to create a fully valid legal will or guide you through planning your will before finding a lawyer near you.