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With us, you can join a group — in your own town or neighborhood — that reflects your personal, professional, and charitable interests.

We offer something for everyone.
You can participate in major events, volunteer projects, Jewish studies classes, and social activities with people who share your interests and concerns.

Whether you’re a high-profile executive or just getting started, our professional divisions offer great opportunities to meet like-minded people in every field: law, entertainment, finance, medicine, marketing, fashion, technology, real estate, and more.

And there are so many other groups to join. If you’re single or married, young or old . . . looking for companionship or intellectual stimulation . . . living in the center of Manhattan or on Long Island . . . giving at the highest levels of philanthropy or investigating your first charity . . . UJA-Federation of New York has the right group for you.

We share your concerns.
The minute you join one of our philanthropic groups, you become part of a caring community, a community that cares about:

  • you and your family.
  • the welfare of Jews at home and around the world.
  • the vulnerable people you want to help.
  • the choices you make for yourself, your family, and your community.

So join with colleagues, neighbors, and friends who care about our efforts — the leaders of industry who control Fortune 500 companies, the concerned young adults who are exploring their philanthropic choices, and the men and women of all ages and interests who share one common goal: to make a profound difference.

Among our groups are:

Emerging Leaders & Philanthropists
Join people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s to foster social change, connect to community, travel, participate in think tanks, and celebrate with like-minded adults.

Entertainment, Media & Communications
Join leaders in entertainment, music, communications, publishing, sports, and fashion for high-profile events, mentoring, Jewish learning, and briefings on hot topics.

Healthcare Division
Join physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals for prestigious events, community programs, and social-action projects.

The Lawyers Division
Join bankruptcy lawyers, corporate attorneys, criminal lawyers, and estate attorneys for educational, cultural, and philanthropic programs.

Long Island
Join a connected, caring community right in your own neighborhood. Enjoy philanthropic events, social-action projects, Jewish study groups, and holiday celebrations.

New York City Campaign
Join individuals and families in every borough to attend a major event, join a fundraising committee, visit a Jewish community overseas, and volunteer.

Philanthropic Leadership Group
Join other top donors for high-level briefings, cultural events, and overseas travel. PLG includes the King David Society, the Prime Minister’s Council, and the Philanthropic Leadership Circle.

Real Estate & Allied Trades Division
Join pros in real estate, construction, hotel and hospitality, and related fields for annual events, tours of citywide development projects, and hands-on volunteering.

Russian Division
Join Russian-speaking Jewish community leaders dedicated to ensuring a strong Jewish future. Attend an annual gala, volunteer, and participate in leadership opportunities.

Wall Street & Financial Services Division
Join financial leaders, investment professionals, bankers, and other Wall Streeters for prominent philanthropic events, community volunteer projects, and briefings with industry icons.

Join like-minded, compassionate people in your own backyard. Participate in family trips to Israel, social-action projects for teens, Jewish education programs, and briefings.

Women’s Philanthropy
Join many women throughout the New York metropolitan area who are using their talents, energy, and clout to inspire, educate, and transform lives. Participate in events, volunteer projects, cultural activities, and overseas trips.